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Lebanon, a Hidden Paradise

For all the flavors of its storied past and natural beauty, Lebanon is a well-kept tourist secret that begs exploration. Its southern part is historical and acheological delight. In fact, the region 's rolling hills sloping down to sandy Mediterranean beaches are dotted with magic and each of its rural villages boasts one or more traditional crafts that have been carefully handed down from generation to generation  

Originated in the town of Jezzine in South Lebanon, the traditional cutlery was born in 1770 when the Haddad family settled in that quintessential town. Its production consisted at that time of army rifles, knives and steel blade swords. In 1930, the Haddad family developed it is business by creating handles with birds heads made of bones and buffalos' horns. These handles were inlaid with colored bones & brass and were applied to spoons, forks, Knives, paper-knives, daggers...

The Haddad artisans are highly skilled, and their skills travel in time and make the production of these traditional crafts a family-based profession. What adds tremendous value to these crafts is this family's eye for design and style. In fact, these handicraft creations are craved in the shape of a Phoenix bird and vibrantly painted and as a proof of quality, each single piece is Stamped "S&S Haddad " with the majestic Lebanese cedar.

This unique traditional craft is so well regarded that it has been presented by Lebanese presidents and officials to dignitaries all over the world beginning with the Ottoman Sultans in the 18th century. These crafts hold within each piece the authentic spirit of Lebanon: History, Culture and Beauty.

With our hands, we can make miracles....
This is what we have been doing since 1770...

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